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Generative AI — 10 Predictions Across All Sectors

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Over the past several weeks, Jefferies' US Research teams have been tasked with thinking about the myriad of ways that the rapid development and adoption of AI will forever change the industries they cover. In this piece we offer a compendium of their top 10 predictions on what the future of generative AI will mean for their individual universes. In addition, we offer the most compelling and consistent expected developments.

Bespoke...everything: Whether B2B or DTC, our analyst teams across a wide range of sectors (e.g., industrials, consumer, financials) expect that instant and personalized offerings will proliferate.

No really, everything: More accurate healthcare diagnostics, personalized drugs, a better understanding of genomes & disease risks, and perhaps even surgeonless surgeries.

The walls have eyes: Inventory management will be a cinch when cameras and weighted shelves eliminate checkouts, reduce shrink, and monitor out-of-stocks.

R&D time travel: Generative AI should accelerate the trend toward molecular modeling, virtual chemistry, searchable molecule libraries, and discovering novel ways to create chemicals and treat diseases.

What's downtime? Everything from manufacturing to fleet management to ocean-going vessels to consumer autos will be maintained in real time, as AI should be able to predict what parts will be needed and when.

Armchair exploration: Both energy and mining companies will use AI to analyze subsurface/geologic data to better map and determine recoverable volumes and more complex ore bodies to meet growing global demand.

Unrisky business: Most notably for banks, lenders and insurance companies, underwriting, originations, and general risk management should all see substantial improvement. AI should even be able to detect fraud more quickly.

Weather or not: AI should finally be able to lead to better prediction of one of the trickiest and most everyday of issues. This could mean aircraft avoid the compounding effect of weather delays, and climate adaptation efforts dramatically improve.

Slicing through your inbox: Streamlining routine tasks like documentation, communication, verification and reporting should mean big, big, big productivity gains. And never having to lose half a Saturday to clearing to bring that pesky counter back down to single digits again.

BYOPaintbrush: If you thought we were good at imagining now, be warned that creativity is liable to explode. Whether creating multimedia content, designing buildings, coding complex algorithms, or even just planning a vacation, our personal, capable robot assistants will do more than just transfer knowledge — they'll put every human on the shoulders of giants and redefine the phrase 'if you can dream it'.

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